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Year 5 Curriculum

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This term our essential question, ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ will be explored through Science, Geography and History as we look out into our solar system and the universe around us in order to see where we fit into the grand scheme of things. We will also explore this through history by looking at people from the UK that have travelled into space as well as through Geography, getting to know our planet’s rivers and how they play a part in growing and shaping our world and everyone in it.


We will also be making links to this inquiry topic through other subjects such as Literacy, Art, Design and Technology and Performing Arts.


We will be reading Biographical texts such as the life of Tim Peake and the life of Mary Seacole in order to inform our work in creative writing which will be on researching and creating biographies of notable figures from history. We will also be looking at poetry later on in the Spring term which will involve appreciating various different styles of poetry on a range of subject matter from all over the world, past and present and composing some of our own poems together.


Our grammar focus in year 5 this term will be exploring text structure by looking at features of cohesive writing and ambiguity.


In Art we will be looking at methods for creating texture and depth of field within a two dimensional image by exploring different techniques of drawing for light and shadow and for perspective.


In music appreciation we will be exploring space further by listening and responding to the Planets Suite by Gustav Holst, which is a series of orchestral pieces which are themed on each of the nine planets in our solar system as they were known at the time of its composition. (Before Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf)


In Design and Technology lessons we will be doing some model work on space to get a better understanding of the scale of our solar system as well as undertaking a collaborative art, design and technology project with all other year levels which will raise awareness of the issue of bullying.


Our focus in mathematics this term will be on developing our understanding of multiplication and division using a range of different calculation methods from simple place value representations to more complex grid and column methods and solving problems, up to four digits, then we will move into work on fractions exploring equivalents, proper, improper and mixed fractions.


By the time we have made it out of Winter and into Spring we should be able to respond to our focus question, ‘Is there anybody out there?’ with a confident and well informed, ‘maybe’.



Dates for the Diary


School closes for half-term: Friday 15th February

Return to School: Monday 25th February


Parents' Evening: 12th and 13th February


Class Assemblies – 5J Friday 8th February

                      5M Friday 1st February

                5S Friday 22nd March


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