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St Mary Magdalen

Mary Magdalen came from a town called Magdala, which was near the sea of Galilee.

She was well known as being a sinner, when she met Jesus. After she met Jesus, she became very sad for all the wrong she had done in her life and made up her mind to change and live a good life.

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One day, Jesus went to eat at the home of a rich man named Simon. Mary came and wept at his feet. She then used her long hair to wipe his feet dry and anointed them perfume.

People were surprised that Jesus had let such a sinner as Mary touch him. But Jesus forgave her and told her to go and live in peace.

From then on, Mary humbly served Jesus and his apostles. When Jesus was crucified, Mary was there at the foot of the cross.

Early on Easter Sunday morning, when his body was placed in the tomb, Mary went to anoint his body with spices. She saw that his body was gone. Mary was shocked and filled with sorrow. Then Jesus appeared to her. He had risen from the dead.



Picture 1