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As a main curriculum subject, we place a high emphasis on the teaching of English at St Mary Magdalen’s Junior School. We aim for all our pupils to leave Year 6 with excellent skills in reading and writing that will be the basis for future learning and their lives ahead of them.


We teach English daily throughout the school and also have class reading and guided reading time.  We know that for children to become better writers they need to read and therefore we aim to engage the children with different genres of books and encourage them to read for pleasure. Every classroom is blessed to have a book corner with a variety of books for the children to choose from. The school regularly updates has recently bought a new spelling scheme of books for the children to read during guided reading sessions. These are very popular with the children who look forward to seeing what adventures or journeys the characters will have next.


Writing is also a priority at St. Mary’s Magdalen’s and the children are given the opportunity to complete extended pieces of writing every writing cycle and across the curriculum. Children are taught the grammar, punctuation and vocabulary skills needed to complete a good piece of writing. Every week one child from each class is chosen to take a well presented piece of work to Miss Nowicka and the children are awarded a sticker and a book. This motivates the children to do well. Throughout the school, displays of excellent writing can also be seen.





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