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St Mary Magdalen's
Catholic Junior School

Year 6

On this page you will find a timetable for Home Learning and lots of resources to support your learning. 

Home Learning - Week 2 

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 


This timetable is an overview of what your children can do at home. It includes resources that were given to your child in a pack for the second week out of school.  Links are provided; however, you should use other resources that you have found to be useful. Activities on Education City will be updated on a weekly basis; your child should continue to use these resources and Times Tables Rockstars. 


Children should read chapters 5- 9 of Black Beauty. The following comprehension questions about chapters 5-7  should be answered to check that they have understood the text. 

Q.1 What is a bridle?

Q.2 Why did John and his wife name the horse Black Beauty’?

Q.3 What are spirited horses who have not been exercised often called?

Q.4 (chpt 7) What is your impression of Samson? Use evidence to support your response.


Please complete the writing tasks in the pack for week 2. Children in year 6 should use: paragraphs to organise information; capital letters for proper nouns; inverted commas for dialogue; descriptive words and phrases to describe characters and settings and adverbs to say how and when something happens. 


Complete ‘Confusing Nouns and Verbs’ pgs 94-95.




Bible references: Matt 26:17-30    John 13:1-38

Read Matthew and John’s account of the Last Supper in Bible Gateway. Compare and contrast them. What similarities do they have? What makes them different?

Consider the information that has been included or not included and the language used. How has the same story been told in different ways?


Your task is to learn about insulators and conductors. First, You should write a definition for insulator and conductor. Second, you should explain why a plug is made out of specific materials including: plastic, metal and rubber. 


Draw what you think the Last Supper would have looked like. Don’t forget the low table, cushions and bread and wine. Include Jesus and some of his disciples. Look at the website above to see some of the clothes Jesus and his disciples wore at that time. 


Username: sjjnr

Password: football@7

Task: Go to beginner Spanish/ Family in Linguascope.  Listen to “La ropa 1 and 2” and complete the activities. 


First, write definitions for melody and pitch. Explain what texture is. Q: Can you hear these in your favourite song? Listen to:  Sketch what you think the planet Mars looks like, particularly the texture. ‚Äč 


Take 10 minutes in silence to let your thoughts pass by. Try to stay still and keep your breathing at a steady pace.

We appreciate all of your hard work at this time. 

Many thanks,

The Year 6 team