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Year 5

Here you will find a Home Learning Timetable and lots of resources to support your learning.

Home Learning - Week 2 

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

The following information supports the ‘Home Learning Timetable wb: 30-03-20’. If anything is unclear, feel free to email our school office at and one of the Year 5 team will get back to you. Please remember, we are here to support you and your child.   

PE Every Morning: (video clips matched to dates).  To ensure your child is still keeping fit from home,  take part in a free live 30 minute PE lesson led by The Body Coach, Joe Wicks.  This daily workout is aimed at everyone from toddlers to secondary school pupils (adults can also join in). If you have not yet started, give it a go!    

Reading Chapter Questions:  

We hope you are enjoying The Jungle Book so far.  The following comprehension questions should be answered to check your understanding.  Remember to locate information in the text to support your opinions and/or observations. Can you find two to three text examples to support your opinions and/or observations?  (2 and 3 mark answers discussed in class)  

A New Wolf Cub Q: Describe the setting of the story as it begins in the open section of the book. Q: Why did Father Wolf believe it was wrong to hunt man? Q: At what cost was Mowgli able to enter into the pack? 

The Pack Meeting Q: Why did the other wolves not want Mowgli? Q: Why did they all agree to let Mowgli stay? Q: What did Bagheera mean by the term ‘Red Flower’?  Q: Briefly describe the incident that took place during the second council meeting. 

The Law of the Jungle Q: Why was it important for Mowgli to learn new things quickly? Q: Why didn’t Baloo like the monkeys? 

The Monkeys Take Mowgli Q: Why did Kaa and Snake agree to help Bagheera and Baloo? Q: Why did Kaa and Bagheera travel without Balo


Religion: Easter Sunday falls on the 12th April this year.   Our two Religion lessons this week give children the opportunity to take a closer look at the events of Holy Thursday and Good Friday in preparation for Easter week (Easter Week begins on Palm Sunday 05-04-20)

Tuesday Religion: Read then watch closely the events of Holy Thursday (Matthew 26:17-35)  and   Answer the following questions using full sentences and supporting evidence from Scripture.  Q1: What is Peter worried about? Q2: What does he feel about Jesus doing this? Q3: Is Peter’s concern justified? Q4: What did he/did hne not understand? Q5: What do we do for people to show that we love them? Q: How does doing things that are sometimes not very nice challenge us to be more like Jesus?

Thursday Religion:  Watch the Good Friday clip. Answer the following questions using full sentences and supporting observations from what you have watched.  Q1: What is Good Friday? Q2: What do we remember about Jesus on this day? Q3: What actions did you see? Q4: What is the veneration and why do Catholics do this? Q5: Why is there no Eucharist celebration? Q6: Why is Good Friday important to Christians?


Science: Part of our Science topic on Life Cycles is to understand how Food Chains supports animals in their habitats . 

Create and explore different types of Food Chains using (lgfl password needed) and Q: What would happen to the ecosystem if one or more plants or animals became extinct? Remember your child’s lgfl password is stuck onto the back of their Reading Record.  They would have used this password in our ICT room. Please let us know if your child has forgotten their details and we will get back to you.  

Art /Music: Reviewing Musical Literacy, remind yourself what Melody, Pitch and Texture are (  Listen to your favourite songs. Dance and sing together while identifying the Melody, Pitch and Texture.  Earlier this year, Space was the focus of our Science lessons. Listen to Gustav Holst’s composition of Mars (  He used various musical instruments and his understanding of Musical Literacy when composing this piece.  Sketch what you think Gustav Holst is trying to tell us about The Planet Mars. What would this planet look and feel like if we could visit it for the day? 

Spanish: Watch:  Listen carefully and repeat the words and phrases in Spanish.  Feel free to pause and rewind if needed. Write a short paragraph about your hobbies including reasons.

Daily meditation: A time for daily reflection is important under normal circumstances, but particularly in light of current events. Below are some suggested sites to support your child/children in this:  End of each day meditation (Ten free sessions. Free videos to explain different types of feelings).  (Mindfulness Meditation for Kids)  


MASS: A message from Monsignor Roger and Fr Sudham 

 Mass Streaming services are available online so you can remain in Spiritual Communion, praying with the Priests celebrating Mass privately. We hope to be able to stream Mass from our parish every day, and details are emailed to those on our group email, and via our Facebook page.

May God bless you all. Monsignor Roger & Fr Sudham. 

 We appreciate all of your hard work at this time. 

Many thanks,

The Year 5  team