St Mary Magdalen Catholic

St Mary Magdalen's
Catholic Junior School

Year 3

You will find a timetable for Home Learning and additional resources to help you learn at home during our partial school closure. 

Home Learning - Week 2 

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

This timetable is an overview of what your children can do at home. The timetable for this week includes resources that were given to your child in a pack titled 'Week 2' before they left school. Links are provided; however, you could use other resources that you have found to be useful. 

 Spanish : . Your task is to practice the song and to write down the different types of weather in Spanish.

Science : . Your task is to watch the video on pushes and pulls and then answer the key question in depth using your knowledge of the key words : What is a force?

Art : . Your task is to watch the video and then create your own apple using pointillism. 

Music :  . Your task is to listen to Elizabethan Renaissance music. You need to identify tempo and research instruments used during the Elizabethan times. Children should be familiar with this from our Humanities lesson. 

Children should read the chapters of Alice in Wonderland as suggested on the time table. The following comprehension question about chapter 6 - 10 should be answered to check they have understood the text.

Q: Why did Alice run back into the wood?
Q: What did Alice see when she walked into the kitchen?
Q: Why does the baby cry so much?
Q: Do you like Duchess? Why/Why not?
Q: Would you like to be in Wonderland? Why/Why not?
Q: What does Alice keep eating to make herself change size? 


We appreciate all your hard work at this time.

Many thanks.

The year 3 team.