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Mission Statement

Our Vision...


St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Junior School is a living and worshipping community with Christ at its centre; everyone of us matters and has a valuable role to play.


With God's love, together we can:

Care for each other and our cultures

Explore the world through our learning

Discover and develop our talents

Inspire each other in work and play

Challenge ourselves to do better



Our Aims...


  • To develop our children to their full human potential through deepening their relationship with God and based on the Gospel values.


  • To share with parents/carers, families and others the responsibility for developing children educationally, morally, spiritually and socially through a friendly and trusting relationship.


  • To provide a happy, safe and caring environment for all.


  • To help all pupils see learning as an enjoyable and purposeful activity and to help all pupils to express themselves creatively.


  • To help all pupils develop lively, enquiring minds through questioning, investigating, reasoning and applying themselves to learning both independently and collaboratively.


  • To ensure good health in pupils through strategies which promote physical and mental well being and self-esteem.

  • To give children opportunities to develop independence and the responsible attitudes that will enable them to become active and caring members of the community.


  • To provide all pupils with equal access to a broad and balanced education following National Curriculum guidelines.


  • To help all pupils set high personal standards of achievement and to value excellence in things. 


  • To prepare pupils for responsible citizenship by developing values and attitudes compatible with living in a democratic and multicultural society.




We thank you Lord for our school and all those who work in it.


We pray Lord, that you may be at the very centre

of St Mary Magdalen's Junior School.


With your love, we can care for each other and our cultures,

explore the world through our learning,

discover and develop our talents,

inspire each other in work and play

and challenge ourselves to do better.


Together we can do great things.



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Spirit of God

who was with Jesus

at the Jordan before His ministry,

at Mount Tabor before His passion and death,

and who was sent by Him at Pentecost,

be with us now in our special ministry.


Guide us with your wisdom

as we seek to take responsibility

for the education of our young people.

May each of us

give generously of our talents

growing to know one another.

Show us how to build a community,

sharing a deep concern and common purpose.

May we find together

the inspiration which is, and always will be,

Jesus Christ, Our Lord.